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Dr. Joe Dispenza: How to Change Your Mind and Create Your Reality »

. What happens when you’re run over by a truck, break 6 bones in your back, and you refuse to get the steel rod your doctors want to insert into your spine? Dr. Joe Dispenza, who starred in the amazing movie that introduced Quantum Physics to the everyday world, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” […]

Maria Speth, Intellectual Property Protection Expert: Do You Know the Difference Between A Copyright, Trade Mark, Trade Secrets and Patents? »

I’m very proud and delighted to be able to introduce you to Maria Speth, Intellectual Property Lawyer, as this week’s featured guest on Daring Dreamers Radio! Because so many of you write and speak, and/or have unique intellectual property and materials that should be protected, I wanted to introduce you to her. I met Maria […]

Drs Roy and Joy Martina: How to Sleep Your Fat Away! »

. Can you really lose weight in your sleep? What does it take? Can you really just push the play button on your phone and go to sleep? I invite you to listen in as Dr. Joy Martina gives us 5 critical points to help focus on and succeed with dropping excess weight in our sleep. […]

Dr. Jamie Turndorf (Dr. Love): Amazing After-Death Surprise! »

. Today I have an exciting guest for you: Dr. Jamie Turndorf, better know on her radio show as Dr. Love. And you will see how totally fitting it is, too, that it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend! When your spouse/loved-one/partner suddenly dies right in front of your eyes, and you can’t do a darned thing about […]

Cynthia Sue Larson: Quantum Jumps and High Energy Money »

. I’m so delighted to introduce you to Cynthia Sue Larson, best-selling author of Quantum Jumps and High Energy Money. Cynthia is a life coach with a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley. She has been interviewed on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and BBC for her ideas about physics and Quantum Jumping. Her […]

Dr. Elliott Maynard: Consciousness Scientist & Conceptual Designer of A New Future Paradigm »

. The rise of consciousness is speeding up, and there are those who are looking far beyond into the realms of Quantum Field Science for the future and into designing a way we can all get along together better than ever, on all levels. Dr. Elliott Maynard, author of Brave New Mind, gives us a […]

Rebecca Marina Messenger: the Azna Method, How to Be A Psychic Reader »

. My good buddy, Rebecca Marina Messenger, is launching her How to Be A Psychic Reader Course, The Azna Method, this week! I’ve known Rebecca for almost 14 years, and have been in her classes and courses, and if I were allowed only one word with which I’d have to describe her classes, it would […]

Cynthia Segal, the Red Phone to God: Why Sessions Really Do Work for You »

. I’m pleased to introduce you to the amazing, funny, and a little crazy (delightfully so!) Psychic Cynthia Segal. Cynthia was one of those people top companies used to call in at the last minute when their computer systems flaked out on them, and she’d save the day (and the bottom line). She didn’t much […]

Dianne Collins: Do You Quantum Think? »

. You’ve probably heard the expression, “they made a Quantum Leap” a million times. But what does it really mean? And how do we make it happen in our own lives? Listen in as my guest Dianne Collins helps us dive deeply into the idea of using Quantum Thinking on an everyday, practical level – […]

Dr. Eldon Taylor: “Gotcha!” Are You Living from Your Authentic Self? »

I’m a believer in mind over matter. So saying, I believe we can become who and what we want – as long as we know who we are, and what we do want. But how do you do that? In my experience, it takes tremendous self-discipline and the desire to stop being a conditioned pawn […]

Rehana Webster: Trauma Buster »

. Recently, my friend and good buddy Rehana Webster, who is a world-class expert at handling trauma, met with me on the Daring Dreamers Showcase. I’ve been watching as she travels the world – lately to remote locations deep within the rugged mountains of Pakistan (see left, where she navigates the rickety bridges over treacherous […]

Natalie Hill: Money & Marketing Mastery »

. Natalie Hill is an internationally respected Business and Marketing Expert, who recently cooked up and delivered the online Tapping into Money World Summit, the best online expert summit I’ve been to yet. No small praise, since as an EFT specialist and radio show host I’m invited to tons of them. You’ll see what I […]

Dr. Stefan Ripich: You Can Cure Diabetes in 30 Days? Really? »

  Diabetes has to be one of the most controversial subjects people are discussing nowadays. So I’m featuring a controversial doctor this week: Dr. Stefan Ripich, who says if people follow his program, in just 30 days he can help them get rid of symptoms and meds. Many would argue. Let’s see what he says […]

Ken Solin: Author of “Act Like A Man” »

. This is for you guys in the crowd! Most of what I focus on is for women, but when I found Ken Solin, I thought what a perfect match for the guys in my audience! Ken Solin is a men’s activist and author, most recently, of Act Like A Man, the title being a play […]

Pamela Wilson: All About Branding, Ebooks and Websites for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses »

. Pamela Wilson, today’s guest on Daring Dreamers Radio, is an ace graphic designer and marketing expert. She helps entrepreneurs and small biz owners transform their marketing materials from blah to blast-off. I wanted to interview her because she’s a dynamic, no-nonsense person, and because I really like it that her design ideas are so […]

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    What People Say

    Angela...Beautiful job! I can not thank you enough for "getting it" so elegantly and crystalizing the essence of our interview. Wishing you amazing new adventures in the Quantum Field.

    Dr. Elliott Maynard


    Good morning from Florida :) Just thought I would side-bar here and tell you how appreciative I am of your input.

    I read your posts (religiously) knowing that whatever you are commenting on is an opportunity for me to learn. Bless you for being on this little planet the same time as me! Love and hugs,

    Cynthia Segal


    Hi Angela,

    I just listened to the interview you did with me, and it sounds AWESOME! You did a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and for asking me to do the interview.

    Thanks again for the interview. It's great!!!

    Elaine Nitz
    The Limitless Self Expert
    Tap Into Your Dreams


    Angela -

    Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us.

    I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference (at It was easy to follow and I like the Curiosity calling technique.

    Despite several major life changes I am trying to get back on track - am taking baby steps and this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

    Regards, Sheryl


    Layne and I had SO much fun with you on our call Thursday! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend in beautiful Kailua!

    Aloha nui loa,

    Paul and Layne Cutright


    Thank you Angela. It was my pleasure to be your radio show guest - you make it so easy.

    I was very comfortable and it was just like we were having a nice casual conversation. Thank you for what you do.

    Dr. Tom Ventullo


    I love getting your newsletters. There is a warm bright clarity that is flowing from them. Your presence feels good. You are daring good work in the world!

    Love to you - Rue Hass


    What a great newsletter all the way around. Wow.

    Love, Linda


    I always read your e-mail; never missed.



    I've listened to so many of your interviews and have benefitted from them. I put them on my mp3 and listen to them at every opportunity, including my vehicle when I travel. Thank you for what you do....

    Michele Rogers


    I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do and what I have purchased from you before.

    I remember I had a problem when you were running that Grab Bag Special - one of the products didn't download for me for some reason - I sent you an email and you were great about getting back to me right away with the fix.

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much you are appreciated and trusted by people on your list!

    Best regards, Laura Whitelaw


    I listened in to you tonight instead of Debbie Ford, tonight's (Shared Vision) opening act...I really appreciated your talk.

    The tapping exercise was excellent. And I loved the points you used.... Your method really hit home.

    Yes, I like being on all these calls and hearing the great ideas and shifts that people are experiencing. I also like hearing others I know from the calls check in ... oh, somebody I know....!

    Peace, Jay Dorman


    Please continue to be an example. It's a good one.



    I always love your honesty, your courage, and your insights.

    Hugs, Marianna Michels Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Specialist


    Your Fear of Public Speaking session is awesome.



    Wow, Angela...I am so grateful that I decided to buy this Wealth Maverick Audios Special offer....

    I would have to make up some sort of superlative adjective to describe the incredibleness (is that even a word?) of these 2 audios (how's fantabulistic for starters?)....

    ...and moreover of this simply ingenious process of name-ing..rename-ing...and retrieving this precious energy potential instead of just dissolving it and being glad that it has been released (to God only knows where!)...

    ...this is the ultimate process of recycling Energy and welcoming it back with open arms...a POWER-FULL process indeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! Blessings... Sallie


    By the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your latest ezine - the units of appreciation is such a fabulous way of thinking/feeling about the payment. Thank you for sharing and illuminating that for me. I could totally related to what you are talking about. You are so right on.

    Blessings, Tami


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