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Making provision for your critters in your will is not enough! If an unexpected situation comes along and you do NOT die, your pets can be left completely out of the mix!

Debra Hamilton, animal advocate and pet problems mediator, explains why. I’d never thought of it before, but what happens if you’re suddenly struck down by a stroke or Alzheimer’s or incapacitated and/ or unconscious, and you can’t talk or walk or take care of your animals? You’re not dead, so your will won’t apply!

There your critters are, stuck high and dry without a caregiver, and you can’t do a darn thing about it. Bad news. What if the people you’d thought would be on call for your pets can’t help? Or your kids don’t want to take your animals? Debra tells us why you should have both family and non-family members on call; what to arrange, how, and why.

Owner-surrendered pets – gone in a flash!

Did you know that owner-surrender pets are euthanized almost immediately? Makes me shudder to think about it.

I bet you, like me, haven’t thought about the fact that although you might have provided for your pets in your will, it won’t go into effect for weeks after you die – and even if you asked for it not to happen, your pets can be taken to the shelter right away.

What to do – why, and how

Debra goes over what to do and why, and how to do it, so your pets and critters are cared for at all times – even in dire emergencies, when you can’t speak up for or take care of them, and of course, when you leave the planet.

I hope you will take full advantage of her free MAAP program (which we explain in detail in the interview), here: MyAnimalPlan.com

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in. If you are a pet owner or caregiver, you will forever be glad to have this critical information.

Debra Hamilton, at HamiltonLawandMediation.com, used to fight for owners and their rights, but got burned out from the constant conflict.

Now she mediates pet problems in a holistic way, preferring to find solutions for people who are in conflict over animals that take the animal and put it first, rather than the egos of the humans. Much better than litigation in divorce, neighbor disputes, pet service or vet malpractice!

DEBRA-AND-DOG5 Steps Proactive Pet Parents Take to Save Their Pets’ Lives

During this FREE  M.A.A.P.  webinar, pet care planning expert Debra Hamilton shows you how to create a plan that enables your beloved companion animals to receive the care you want them to receive any time you are personally unable to care for them…

The MAAP plan helps you:
•  Make a plan
•  Address each pet’s needs
•  Appoint, arrange and get agreement of caregivers
•  Publish the plan, Put it out there where people can find it when it’s needed

I invite you to go here for the FREE MAAP program: MyAnimalPlan.com

Nathalie Kelly: Miraculous Living Beyond Her Monster Traumatic Brain Injury http://idareyouradio.com/nathalie-kelly-miraculous-living-beyond-a-monstrously-massive-traumatic-brain-injury/ Sat, 16 Apr 2016 00:43:57 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=4113 nathalie

When her boat capsized, Nathalie Kelly was slammed in the head, resulting in massive damage to more than one part of her brain. This was no ordinary brain injury!

Listen in and find out how she endured – and actually grew from – years of having to simply lie flat and not even move a muscleeven her eyes

…how she persisted in trying to find answers, even through horrific headaches and completely debilitating dizziness and disorientation so bad she had to walk with 2 walking canes…

…and how she got through embarrassments and humiliations that are so common for TBI sufferers who cannot remember or cannot read or walk, and can no longer function in the simplest ways.

I’ve known Nathalie for thirty years. Seeing her go through the rigors of this injury has been painful, dramatic and frightening – knowing I couldn’t do a darn thing for her was just a killer for me. But – she’s an amazing powerhouse of persistence, and now her story is deeply inspiring and exciting.


If you have had a TBI, or know of someone who is suffering from a TBI, or the mother or family of someone who is, please turn them on to this interview, because Nathalie shares critical information that will help them.

Nathalie-jacketYou’ll love this interview with the smart, sharp, compassionate, innovative, articulate and deeply lovely Nathalie Kelly.

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in on our conversation.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

NATHALIE-TBI-TIPS-COVERAnd this is what the balance jacket looks like that we talk about that has helped Nathalie leave her walking poles at home. Click on the image to see a larger version.


I’ve taken some of the resources and ideas Nathalie shared in this interview and created a tip sheet for you. I hope it serves you well. Please feel free to share it with other who you think might need or appreciate it.

(Right click on the cover image and choose “save link” to download it to your computer or device – no opt-in required.)



Christopher Kerry: Artists & Entrepreneurs: What You Think You Are Selling…Is Not! So…What IS It, then? http://idareyouradio.com/christopher-kerry-artists-entrepreneurs-what-you-think-you-are-sellingis-not-sowhat-is-it-then/ http://idareyouradio.com/christopher-kerry-artists-entrepreneurs-what-you-think-you-are-sellingis-not-sowhat-is-it-then/#comments Tue, 05 Apr 2016 10:18:57 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=4093 chris-kerry

Christopher Kerry grew up believing he was stupid and unable to learn. Find out how his art fed him; how he found out how smart he was; why any artist CAN make it in the world; and what he discovered that underlies each and every sale we make – whether we are artists or not.

How many times have we artists been told:

“Why don’t you get a real job?” or “You’ll never make it as an artist! It’s too hard, no one buys art,” or ________ – you fill in the blank with your own version.

As my guest today, Artist Christopher Kerry gives us strong refutations to those nay-sayers, and powerful affirmations that will inspire and encourage you. Whether you are an artist or not, his ideas can be applied to you and what you do.

Four foundational pillars

Christopher gives us his Four Critical Pillars that explain why people buy; why art sales are not based on your product information or skill level; and how to go above and beyond to fulfill your buyers’ desires.

Frankly, I was riveted by his story about how he discovered that he was not only not stupid or that he couldn’t learn, as he was brainwashed to believe, but what he did with his discovery. Get your hankies out –

Why you’re not really selling what you think you are

One of the most important things he talks about is that, no matter what you’re selling or sharing with people, it is NOT what you are selling at all!

I invite you to listen carefully as he tells you why, and start thinking about how you can use his idea for getting your own work out to people and selling.

And take to heart that it’s the p______y that counts before anything else – and you’ll be able to fill in the blank after you listen in!

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in on our conversation – I don’t think I’ve ever gone as deep with any other guest. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

NOTE: We had a bit of tech difficulty, so if you hear a slight low hum under my voice track, please be forgiving – thanks!

http://idareyouradio.com/christopher-kerry-artists-entrepreneurs-what-you-think-you-are-sellingis-not-sowhat-is-it-then/feed/ 3
Dr. Miranda Jorgenson: Why You Gained So Much Weight After Your Gall Bladder Was Removed http://idareyouradio.com/dr-miranda-jorgenson-why-you-gained-so-much-weight-after-your-gall-bladder-was-removed/ Sun, 27 Mar 2016 10:35:55 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=4056 Dr.Miranda JorgensonHave you or anyone you know said this? “I Gained A Zillion Pounds After Having My Gall Bladder Out….”

Today I want to introduce you to Dr.Miranda Jorgenson, who will help us understand exactly why that happens. Discover why so many people gain uncontrollable weight after gall bladder surgery, and the six critical things you or someone you know can do about it.

(Special surprise! At the end of this article you will find a surprise goodie for you!)

Even if you still have your gall bladder, you may be experiencing pains, unwanted, uncomfortable symptoms, and uncontrollable wight gain.

If you know of anyone else who has this problem, or who has had their gall bladder removed, I invite you to share this particular show with them, because it may help them out, too.

Did you know that over half a million gallbladders are removed every year in the US? It is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures.

What’s really distressing is that even after having had their gall bladder removed 87% of men and 68% of women experienced weight gain after their gall bladder was removed. Many people still experience the same symptoms as before!

So … what can be done about about all this?

I invited Dr. Miranda to be my guest after reading articles about this problem on her site. Because I, too, suffer from massive weight-gain after my own surgery, and like many others, find it impossible to lose it.

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or click on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen to our conversation, because you’ll learn a lot about what you can do now to alleviate symptoms and drop extra weight.

Dr. Miranda Jorgenson is a health and weight loss strategist, licensed Chiropractor and co-owner of Baton Rouge Chiropractic & Injury Center.

Bone Broth RecipeShe was the Physician Advisor to a large physician-grade supplement company for 6 years, and has had numerous articles published in DC Product Reviews, Chiropractic Economics, and The Original Internist.

She is the author of two physician references – ‘The Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion Index‘ and ‘The Ridiculously Easy Way to Introduce Nutrition & Evolve Your Practice To The Next Level.’ 

She is currently writing her book on weight loss for people who no longer have a gallbladder.

CLICK HERE to download the FREE printable Bone Broth Recipe!

Joan Ranquet: Internationally Respected Animal Communicator & Energy Healer http://idareyouradio.com/joan-ranquet-animal-communicator-extraordinaire/ http://idareyouradio.com/joan-ranquet-animal-communicator-extraordinaire/#comments Mon, 14 Mar 2016 04:52:23 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=4041 Joan Ranquet, Animal CommunicatorJoan Ranquet, Animal Communicator extraordinaire, ‘talks’ with your animals to see what’s going on with them.

They have problems just like we do – fears, anxieties, behavioral glitches – even temper tantrums! Joan finds out what their story is and helps resolve the problem.

We find out how she does that; what scalar energy and standing waves are and why that’s important; how to affect the parasympathetic nervous system of your critter to help it find relief, and so much more!

Joan also answers:

  • How did you get into animal communications, and what was that like for you to move from the film business into talking with critters?
  • What does working with the animals tell you about their humans?
  • We think of exercise for our animals as important, but in what ways is it critical that we never think about?
  • What can humans do to help their animal pals feel and live better?

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to get to listen to our interview.

To get Joan’s new book, CLICK on the PINK LINK: Energy Healing for Animals: A Hands-On Guide for Enhancing the Health, Longevity, and Happiness of Your Pets 

Energy Healing for Animals by Joan RanquetIn Energy Healing for Animals, Joan explains clearly how our thoughts and feelings impact our animal companions in profound ways, and how we can connect with them – whether to heal lameness or illness, or to discover what hurts the animal might have experienced in the past (really!), or why they may be having a tantrum, or are anxious and afraid.

Joan also provides a broad range of energy modalities and techniques you can use to best help your animal friends.

Energy Healing for Animals is easy to read, comprehensive and exciting for both seasoned animal communicators and those who have never even dreamed of ‘talking’ to their animals!

CLICK HERE to get Joan’s first book, Communication With All Life: Revelations of An Animal Communicator

http://idareyouradio.com/joan-ranquet-animal-communicator-extraordinaire/feed/ 3
Pamela Bruner: Have You Created Your Signature System Yet? http://idareyouradio.com/pamela-bruner-have-you-created-your-signature-system-yet/ Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:25:23 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=4029 pamela-bruner-022916

I’m really pleased to bring you my friend, Pamela Bruner, Master Business Coach.

In this 55-minute interview, I got her to tell us the critical keys to getting your work out there, serving more people in less time, making more money and fulfilling your desire to be of service in joy.

You’ll really want to listen to this interview carefully if:

  • you struggle with explaining to potential clients what you do, and how valuable it is
  • you feel like you can’t charge what you’re worth
  • you wish you could make more money, and more of an impact, without giving up tons of private time


Pamela used to be one of those coaches who used to have, in her words, an “imaginary” coaching business. She made a grand total of $375 a month, and after 4 years felt like either a miracle had to happen or she was going to ditch.

In today’s talk, she shares with us how she turned that around, so that now she’s made seven million just in the past few years.


Pamela also shares with us why having a signature system is so important to coaches, healers, and other entrepreneurs (think musicians, artists, etc.) who transform lives.

You’ll really get why helping your clients go through your signature system provides more transformation than just doing random sessions, and how you can use your signature system to expand your present reach.


Listen up as we discuss the various key elements in a signature system, and then you’ll want to look at her Signature System Blueprint Course.

In her Signature System Blueprint Course, we’ll (I’m going through it, too!) discover how to:

  • Package your unique coaching gifts so they attract eager ideal clients, and you get paid top-dollar
  • Dramatically increase the transformation that you provide to your clients, while saving you private time
  • Expand your reach to make much more of a difference in the world
  • Make more money so you can help more people, have more free time and have a whole lot more fun!

Here’s where you can find out more about her program:
Prepare to have fun learning more!

12-11-logo-4-1hCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to get to the interview.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Signature System Blueprint Course.

Bruce Lipton: What 4 Scientific Mistakes Do We Take for Granted? http://idareyouradio.com/bruce-lipton-what-are-the-four-scientific-mistakes-we-live-by/ Tue, 02 Feb 2016 05:14:52 +0000 http://idareyouradio.com/?p=2016 lipton

Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of my all-time heroes. A former medical school professor and research scientist, his experiments have examined in great detail the processes by which cells receive information.


The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life, showing that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Dr. Lipton’s profound synthesis of the latest and best research in cell biology and quantum physics is being hailed as a major breakthrough showing that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking.

I hope you enjoy watching this video where he talks about finally being able to change what we previously thought was unchangeable!

lipton-belieflipton-evolutionGet his books : Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles