HANALEI MOON Do you give teleclasses? If you want a superb amazing flexible comprehensive service that will allow you to give a class on the phone *and* on the web all at once, go HERE and get it right now while you’re thinking about it.

Bookmark it if you need to think about it, but it’s so good I know you’ll love it.

My buddy, Spiritual EFT Expert Rebecca Marina was kind enough to show me the ins and outs of it today and I was blown away by all the goodies it offers.

You get a $1, 21-day trial, and then it is well worth what you pay for it monthly.

This is one trial date I will gladly pass through and pay the full amount! go HERE


Try It On Everything Movie in Honolulu! (please note corrected time)

If you’re in Honolulu this next Sunday, be sure to go to the Spalding Auditorium at U of H at 3 pm to see Try It On Everything, the EFT movie made by Nick Ortner and friends.

My dear friend and EFT buddy, Helena Summer Medena (who is in the movie) and I are going to be available after the movie for a short EFT demo.

Directions: Spalding Auditorium ~ University of Hawaii at Manoa: Proceed north on University Avenue two stoplights past Dole St. (Maile Way). Make a right onto the campus. 400 yards past the guard gate, park in the lot on the right at the corner of Maile Way and Farrington Rd. Walk through passage way to the front of the building. Auditorium is on the first floor.

In the kind-time, check out EFTinEveryHome.com, and refer everyone you know to it so they can learn how to do EFT for free, too. If you’re a practitioner, having your clients go there before your first session will save you tremendous time. You can get right into your session rather than having to spend an hour teaching them how to do it.

If someone wants to know why they can learn how to do EFT for free, and doesn’t that take away from your profession, you can ask them this: if I gave you the tools to build a house, could you do it right away? No. Anyone learning how to use a new tool needs guidance, and that’s what you and your expertise are there for.


EFT Master Gwyneth Moss: on The Insider Secrets to A Successful EFT/Energy Business

One of the EFT Masters I interviewed for the Insider package just got home from a journey through the US and finally had a chance to see what she has been such a prominent part of.

Here’s what EFT Master Gwyneth Moss just sent me:

“I’m getting some time to browse through all the material in The Insider Secrets to A Successful EFT/Energy Business. There is so much excellence in there! >> Go HERE to get it all…. <<

“I have used one of your ideas immediately; I built a portal page for my name domain that I’ve been holding for some time and done nothing with.

“And doing this whole project with you has got me thinking about marketing again and going a step up with the technology – time to get to grips with audio acrobat… and my hardly used digital camera…”

with love

Make sure you catch her ‘about us” page HERE. It’s one of the best about-us pages I’ve ever seen. Talk about reader-friendly! Anyone would do well to use her example as inspiration

And she does a great writeup about biz on her blog, too – HERE.