When her boat capsized, Nathalie Kelly was slammed in the head, resulting in massive damage to more than one part of her brain. This was no ordinary brain injury!

Listen in and find out how she endured – and actually grew from – years of having to simply lie flat and not even move a muscleeven her eyes

…how she persisted in trying to find answers, even through horrific headaches and completely debilitating dizziness and disorientation so bad she had to walk with 2 walking canes…

…and how she got through embarrassments and humiliations that are so common for TBI sufferers who cannot remember or cannot read or walk, and can no longer function in the simplest ways.

I’ve known Nathalie for over thirty years. Seeing her go through the rigors of this injury has been painful, dramatic and frightening – knowing I couldn’t do a darn thing for her was just a killer for me. But – she’s an amazing powerhouse of persistence, and now her story is deeply inspiring and exciting.


If you have had a TBI, or know of someone who is suffering from a TBI, or the mother or family of someone who is, please turn them on to this interview, because Nathalie shares critical information that will help them.

Nathalie-jacketYou’ll love this interview with the smart, sharp, compassionate, innovative, articulate and deeply lovely Nathalie Kelly.

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I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

NATHALIE-TBI-TIPS-COVERAnd this is what the balance jacket looks like that we talk about that has helped Nathalie leave her walking poles at home. Click on the image to see a larger version.


I’ve taken some of the resources and ideas Nathalie shared in this interview and created a tip sheet for you. I hope it serves you well. Please feel free to share it with other who you think might need or appreciate it.

(Right click on the cover image and choose “save link” to download it to your computer or device – no opt-in required.)