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    What People Say

    Good morning from Florida :) Just thought I would side-bar here and tell you how appreciative I am of your input.

    I read your posts (religiously) knowing that whatever you are commenting on is an opportunity for me to learn. Bless you for being on this little planet the same time as me! Love and hugs,

    Cynthia Segal


    Hi Angela,

    I just listened to the interview you did with me, and it sounds AWESOME! You did a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and for asking me to do the interview.

    Thanks again for the interview. It's great!!!

    Elaine Nitz
    The Limitless Self Expert
    Tap Into Your Dreams


    Angela -

    Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us.

    I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference (at EFTBooks.com). It was easy to follow and I like the Curiosity calling technique.

    Despite several major life changes I am trying to get back on track - am taking baby steps and this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

    Regards, Sheryl


    Layne and I had SO much fun with you on our call Thursday! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend in beautiful Kailua!

    Aloha nui loa,

    Paul and Layne Cutright


    Thank you Angela. It was my pleasure to be your radio show guest - you make it so easy.

    I was very comfortable and it was just like we were having a nice casual conversation. Thank you for what you do.

    Dr. Tom Ventullo


    I love getting your newsletters. There is a warm bright clarity that is flowing from them. Your presence feels good. You are daring good work in the world!

    Love to you - Rue Hass IntuitiveMentoring.com


    What a great newsletter all the way around. Wow.

    Love, Linda


    I always read your e-mail; never missed.



    I've listened to so many of your interviews and have benefitted from them. I put them on my mp3 and listen to them at every opportunity, including my vehicle when I travel. Thank you for what you do....

    Michele Rogers


    I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do and what I have purchased from you before.

    I remember I had a problem when you were running that Grab Bag Special - one of the products didn't download for me for some reason - I sent you an email and you were great about getting back to me right away with the fix.

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much you are appreciated and trusted by people on your list!

    Best regards, Laura Whitelaw


    I listened in to you tonight instead of Debbie Ford, tonight's (Shared Vision) opening act...I really appreciated your talk.

    The tapping exercise was excellent. And I loved the points you used.... Your method really hit home.

    Yes, I like being on all these calls and hearing the great ideas and shifts that people are experiencing. I also like hearing others I know from the calls check in ... oh, somebody I know....!

    Peace, Jay Dorman


    Please continue to be an example. It's a good one.



    I always love your honesty, your courage, and your insights.

    Hugs, Marianna Michels Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Specialist DaretoBeHappy.com


    Your Fear of Public Speaking session is awesome.



    Wow, Angela...I am so grateful that I decided to buy this Wealth Maverick Audios Special offer....

    I would have to make up some sort of superlative adjective to describe the incredibleness (is that even a word?) of these 2 audios (how's fantabulistic for starters?)....

    ...and moreover of this simply ingenious process of name-ing..rename-ing...and retrieving this precious energy potential instead of just dissolving it and being glad that it has been released (to God only knows where!)...

    ...this is the ultimate process of recycling Energy and welcoming it back with open arms...a POWER-FULL process indeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! Blessings... Sallie


    By the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your latest ezine - the units of appreciation is such a fabulous way of thinking/feeling about the payment. Thank you for sharing and illuminating that for me. I could totally related to what you are talking about. You are so right on.

    Blessings, Tami


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Ridgley Goldsborough: Why Should You Know Your Why? And What Will that Do for Your Business?

ridgelyI am supremely pleased to be able to introduce you to Ridgley Goldsborough. He’s a human dynamo!

He’s built over 40 companies and written 11 books, and travels the world helping people do their lives and businesses better.

Ridgely is a founding member of a 5-man team who created a new program called Know Your Why that is spreading like wildfire across the globe.

When I saw his recent videos, I felt a zing of excitement pulse though my entire body – he’s amazing. You’ll hear his passion in his voice, yourself. I love it that he has so much heart in the game!

In our talk together, we focused on why it’s so important to find your own personal Why, as well as the Why you build your business upon, and what that does for you, your business and your clients.

Don’t get this confused with what’s your passion, or your purpose! Know Your Why is NOT your usual find-your-mission or what’s-your-purpose Why.

The Why Ridgely is referring to is the lens through which you view and express your life – it’s why you are compelled to do what you do, the deep place in your being from which all your do-it-before-you-even-think-about-it urges come from.

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in and find out:

  • what knowing your Why is all about
  • how you can find your Why – for yourself, your business and your team
  • how you can use your Why to build an inspired organization—a Why-focused organization
  • how your Why can drive the culture of your company
  • and even how to become a Why Coach, if you want!

And just wait until you hear what his One Daring Thing is! Knocked my socks off!

Ridgely is a serial entrepreneur & founder of 43 companies; a best-selling author of 11 books, the creator of TV show ‘Modest to Millions;’ and has appeared as a guest on all major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, & Fox, and international speaker. Check out KnowYourWhy.com.

You can also listen to this episode on iTunes – look for the Daring Dreamers Radio channel.


Dianne Collins: Do You Quantum Think?

Dianne Collins - Author of Do You Quantum Think?You’ve probably heard the expression, “they made a Quantum Leap” a million times.

But what does it really mean? And how do we make it happen in our own lives?

Listen in as my guest Dianne Collins helps us dive deeply into the idea of using Quantum Thinking on an everyday, practical level – and how to make Quantum Leaps for yourself.

Listen carefully – she gives golden nuggets that, if you choose to use them, can help you change your life. Besides, we had a blast!
IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the icon to the left to listen to PART 1
How does being who you are affect everyone around you, and why?
What is the difference between a mechanistic world view and a quantum world view, and why is that critical to awakening?
Why couldn’t we even think about quantum leaps until 1927?

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the icon to the left to listen to PART 2
What stops us from thinking from a place of infinite possibility?
What are ‘least-action pathways,’ and how can they limit us?
What if there’s nothing wrong with us?
No matter what a circumstance is, what is something you can do to transcend it?
Do thoughts visit, or are they self-originated?
Why is it possible to shift in every moment?

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the icon to the left to listen to PART 3
How do intent, intuition, subtle energy resonance and meditation fit together?
What IS awakened consciousness? How do we get past either/or and get to both/and?
What does Dark matter have to do with awakening?
Why we really can’t envision our awakening….
Why is listening from ‘not-knowing’ the crux of fresh, dynamic relationships?

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the icon to the left to listen to PART 4
Why is “Do You Quantum Think” such an important book if you want to find out how to create your reality?
dianne-bookWhy is listening as important as speaking?
How did Dianne’s Most Daring Thing wake her up on a soul level?
What does the ‘non-local mind’ have to do with things, and how do you access it?
What is the Cosmic Pulse?
Why is it hard to have a job and live your dream, too?
How do you take a Quantum Leap and change your money reality?
If you can’t change thoughts, what can you change?
What’s the difference between positive thinking and quantum thinking?

CLICK HERE to get Dianne’s book, Do You Quantum Think? New Thinking that Will Rock Your World


Dr. Joe Dispenza: How to Change Your Mind and Create Your Reality

What happens when you’re run over by a truck, break 6 bones in your back, and you refuse to get the steel rod your doctors want to insert into your spine?

Dr. Joe Dispenza, who starred in the amazing movie that introduced Quantum Physics to the everyday world, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” was kind enough to be my guest on Daring Dreamers Radio.

In our talk together, he describes how, after refusing the surgery that not one but four doctors urged him to undergo, he laid in bed intentionally recreating his body. And even though “they” said he’d never walk again, his body tells a very different story.

Listen in to find out how he did it, and more – how he takes time each morning to intend and create the day he wants to live, the experiences and relationships he wants to have.

Discover how to ask for what you want…and then to ask for and get signs that the universe is listening! (Wait till you hear what one sign he got was! And what he says about Energy Psychology – woohoo!

How to be bold enough to ask for something more than same-old, same-old, and how to be ready to see signals that surprise you and leave no doubt in your mind that this, indeed, was a co-creation by you and the Universe.

CLICK HERE or on the logo to the left to get to my interview with Dr. Joe. This is one of those interviews you’ll want to hear over and over because it’s so rich in powerful information you can use right away. Or, catch it on iTunes: go to iTunes > podcasts > search for Daring dreamers.

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Joe Dispenza has Read the rest

Rehana Webster: Trauma Buster

bridgeRecently, my friend and good buddy Rehana Webster, who is a world-class expert at handling trauma, met with me on the Daring Dreamers Showcase.

I’ve been watching as she travels the world – lately to remote locations deep within the rugged mountains of Pakistan (see left, where she navigates the rickety bridges over treacherous rivers!).

Rehana helps women who were raped, abused and even targeted to be killed in ‘honor’ killings come back from extreme trauma to live better lives.

Why is her work so important? She told me that, in her experience, 90% of Pakistan’s population needs help with shock and trauma release. Imagine almost an entire country suffering shock and trauma. Serious business!

Have you ever noticed how someone who is upset can’t think straight until they get their nerves calmed down? There’s a very good reason for that. They’re in survival mode – Fight, Flight or Freeze.

We’re wired that way. Why? Because when you’re fleeing an enemy or attacker, what do you need to think about other than get safe, get safe, get safe? Our F-F-F mode kicks in so we can get to some kind of safety and survive even the most horrific experiences.

But once a person gets to a safe place where she can breathe a sign of relief, the strangest thing happens: sometimes (most times) she can’t unwind by herself. She keeps freaking out, or having flashbacks, terrible dreams, or repetitive visions of what happened.

She may not be able to ‘get present,’ or may experience a level of extreme watchfulness for danger called hyper-vigilance.

If you know any vets or women who have been brutally assaulted, or people who have gone through accidents, home invasion, domestic violence, rape, war experiences … you’ve seen trauma’s effects close at hand.

Talk therapy is pretty useless – the trauma settles into the very cells of the body, and you can’t talk it out. Energy therapies like TBT, EFT, etc. are the fastest way to eliminate the shock and trauma from the body.

You may have an experience of surprise, shock or trauma in your own body – maybe you had years of teasing, or bullying, or neglect from your own parents, siblings or classmates.

So I want to invite you to listen in during my interview with Rehana as she talks about her stripped-down, efficient-in-the-field version of EFT she calls the Trauma Buster Technique.

IDareYouRadio.comClick HERE or on the IDYR icon to the left to listen in to our shorty (30 minutes) interview.

Rehana Webster (Founder of TBT, EFT Master, NLP Master and AAMET Trainer of Trainers) used to work with the Correctional System in NZ, has trained over 200 doctors (!!!) in Pakistan to help their patients with TBT, and has been invited by very prestigious organizations like DOST Foundation and OXFAM to present workshops for the people they help in India and Pakistan.

All that sounds pretty formal, but she’s a kick-ass fun gal who loves to laugh as much as I do!

You can find her on Facebook, and at http://TraumaBusterTechnique.com.

Here are some pictures of the amazingly courageous Rehana Webster as she treks deep into the wild mountains of Pakistan to help women (and men!) in need.




Maria Speth, Intellectual Property Protection Expert: Do You Know the Difference Between A Copyright, Trade Mark, Trade Secrets and Patents?

I’m very proud and delighted to be able to introduce you to Maria Speth
, Intellectual Property Lawyer, as this week’s featured guest on Daring Dreamers Radio!

Because so many of you write and speak, and/or have unique intellectual property and materials that should be protected, I wanted to introduce you to her.

I met Maria a couple of years ago at a top-level CEO retreat where she was teaching about copyright, etc. I was impressed with her talks there about copyrighting, etc., so when we finally were able to connect, I grilled her!

If you don’ t know…

  •  The difference between copyright and trademark…
  •  The difference between Trademark and Trade Secret…
  •  What you can patent and what you cannot…and why…
  •  What every writer needs to know about copyright (whether you write a blog, book, article, etc.)…
  •  Whether what you hired out to be written or designed for you is actually YOURS…
  •  Which agency nails you $5K if you use its images without bothering with a cease-and-desist notice…
  •  What service does the copyright office offer photographers and poets, but not painters….

…it’s time for you to get your copyright knowledge up to date, whether you’re a writer, musician, coach, artist, photographer, speaker, poet!


  •  knowing what’s what can save you or your company thousands of dollars.
  •  you’ll know what to do if someone uses your materials,
  •  whether you can or cannot use someone else’s.
  •  you’ll know what to do from the start

…so you own the work that you hire out (Think logos [this was s surprise for me!], articles, ghostwriting, formulae, etc.)

I invite you to find out all of this (in 30 jam-packed minutes) in my interview with Intellectual Property Lawyer Maria Speth: CLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in.

Not to worry – it’s all easy and understandable – no lawyer-garble-de-gook on my shows!

Or, you can tune into iTunes and search for Daring Dreamers Radio.

Maria Speth: Protect Your WritingsPeople say: Thanks for the post regarding Maria Speth…I checked out her website, forwarded link to a friend and occasional collaborator…she ordered Maria’s book!

And…click on the book cover to the left, or CLICK HERE  to get Maria’s book on Amazon.

Maria Crimi Speth deals with complex intellectual property and free speech issues, copyright infringement and trade-secret theft, and way more.

Maria says: “I assist my clients in protecting their intellectual property through preventative measures to avoid disputes, and aggressive measures when disputes arise. I communicate the complex intellectual property subject matter to my clients in a way that they can understand it and apply it to protect their most valuable assets.”

“I enjoy helping businesses succeed. My clients consider me a member of their team and a resource to help take their business to the next level…I’m always learning about new businesses and strategies.”


Gregg Braden (Video): Do We Really Live in A Participatory Universe?


Michael J. Trout, Bee Conservationist, Foundup Founder

Michael J. Trout, Bee Conservationist, Foundup FounderMy unusual, very daring, very smart guest this week is Michael J. Trout, a passionate supporter of bees and permaculture, and the Founder of “Foundups.”

Listen carefully, so you can find the answers to these questions:

•  How many species of bees are there?
•  What percentage of those bees actually produce honey?

•  What American president had the most harsh pesticide rulings (and why is that even important?)?
•  What has happened to bees since then?
•  What is permaculture, and what good will it do you and your property to adopt its principles?
•  What is a “Foundup” and why should you care?

If you are concerned about how our bees are being destroyed by horrifyingly negligent agricultural practices, you’ll be happy to hear about what Michael is doing about that, and how you can do similar things in your own area, even if not on your own property.

I found Michael on a site named Patreon.com – essentially a site encouraging artists and other creatives to set up systems by which they can get either project support or monthly support – kind of like kickstarter, but better.

Michael has a page there with his bee and farming projects, as well as info on his “Foundups,” which you will hear about in our interview. He maintains that startups don’t work, and only a very small percentage of kickstarter projects actually get funded. If you’d ever wanted monthly income as an artist or musician, check this out.

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers icon to the left to listen in on this important interview, or catch it on the Daring Dreamers channel on iTunes.


Natalie Hill: Money & Marketing Mastery

Natalie Hill, Money & Marketing MasteryNatalie Hill is an internationally respected Business and Marketing Expert, who recently cooked up and delivered the online Tapping into Money World Summit, the best online expert summit I’ve been to yet. No small praise, since as an EFT specialist and radio show host I’m invited to tons of them. You’ll see what I think of most of them…

Four years ago, Natalie gave up her business, her home and all her possessions to live a life of her own design, and to see if it was truly possible to live her passion and purpose from anywhere in the world . . . and get paid well to do it.  A mere 5 months into her Maverick adventure, Natalie was living on a beach in Thailand when she had her first $10,000 income month.

This quick success gave Natalie the determination to discover the spiritual formula for the most direct path to success for a woman entrepreneur. With what she discovered and learned, Natalie created a process to help other courageous and committed women step into their authentic power and create a lucrative transformational business. You’ll hear more about that process….

I hope you enjoy this interview – it was the most fun interview I’ve done in a long time – we just clicked and had fun as we explored some pretty important and deep topics. Oh, and to get her FREE Income 101 for Spiritual Entrepreneurs CLICK HERE.

IDareYouRadio.comClick on the icon to the left or HERE to listen to PART 1
How did she discover the recipe for her life?
How on earth did she ever come to the decision to create a world-wide summit?
Why do you think she says you can’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t transform?
What is this new workshop she’s come up with?

IDareYouRadio.comClick on the icon to the left or HERE to listen to PART 2
What’s mojo and mastery got to do with marketing and money?
What does it take to have the courage and daring to bring your ideas to market?
How do you handle fear?
What’s a more empowering way to look at fear? Why do quantum physicists say you ‘collapse’ into a reality?
Why is it important to take a stand for consciousness?
Watch as the seeds of collaboration and creativity are born right on this interview!

Get Natalie’s interview on iTunes at Daring Dreamers Radio.

CLICK HERE to GET Natalie’s FREE Income 101 Webinar for Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to get into Natalie’s Money, Marketing and Mojo Mastery Intensive, CLICK HERE!


Dr. Stefan Ripich: You Can Cure Diabetes in 30 Days? Really?


Diabetes has to be one of the most controversial subjects people are discussing nowadays.

So I’m featuring a controversial doctor this week: Dr. Stefan Ripich, who says if people follow his program, in just 30 days he can help them get rid of symptoms and meds. Many would argue. Let’s see what he says about it.

REVEALED: What one item can you add to your food intake every day that will lower your blood sugars by one third? What one food is more dangerous than sugar? Why did the ancient Greeks diagnose diabetes using ants? How do your cells refuse sugar, and you end up with diabetes? Why doesn’t Dr. Ripich weigh people when they come to him?

Find out now – your life may depend on it!

“Don’t believe what you’ve heard about diabetes, ” Dr. Ripich says, “It can be completely turned around – even Diabetes Type 1 people can reduce their meds or even eliminate them.”

CLICK HERE or on the icon to the left to listen in to how you, too, can reverse diabetes with simple, doable strategies and steps. He has had 100% success so far.

Known as the go-to clinician for people with diabetes and blood sugar disorders who want to get off their meds and reverse their disease, Dr. Stefan Ripich ND, CNP is a licensed clinical practitioner with more than 20 years experience. Based in Santa Fe, NM, he combines both naturopathic and allopathic training in his practice, which is founded on the body’s amazing power to heal itself.

Dr. Stefan Ripic Diabetes CureAs the most prevalent disease in Western medicine, diabetes treatment forms almost 40% of Dr. Ripich’s practice. Over the course of his long career, he has treated thousands of patients, with the goal of combining the proven scientific findings that Type 2 diabetes is reversible with his naturopathic and nutritional training.

Do you or a friend have diabetes? Click HERE or on the book cover to get Dr. Stefan Ripich’s remarkable book, 30-Day Diabetes Cure  on Amazon, that’s helping thousands of diabetics get free from the expense and dependence on diabetes drugs, test strips, glucose monitors, expensive supplements and medical procedures.


Ken Solin: Author of “Act Like A Man”

This is for you guys in the crowd!

Most of what I focus on is for women, but when I found Ken Solin, I thought what a perfect match for the guys in my audience!

Ken Solin is a men’s activist and author, most recently, of Act Like A Man, the title being a play on the directive thrown at men from the time they’re boys.

“It’s hard to get men and their emotions in the same room at the same time,” says Solin. “And it’s harder for men to connect to their feelings than it is for women. Women start talking to each other when they’re little girls. Men compete.”

The result is a disconnect between men’s hearts and minds and an emotional gridlock with women.

Ken says men have a hard time opening up to each other, don’t know how, and don’t know even where to begin. Or what that might even do for them. Or how it benefits their relationships with women.

And he offers a solution, like the one he created for himself many years ago. After many years of creating a lot of wealth…and yet feeling miserable…he started on a journey of courage and hasn’t looked back yet. And has helped scores of guys do the same.

If you’re a guy (or if you know a guy) who wants safe, loyal, long-term guy friends, and to find out how to ease the pressure of all the pushed-away anger, fear, worry, etc. that’s lurked inside of you like un-spent ordnance since you were a kid, and you didn’t know what to do about it, here are some answers for you.

I was so pleased to speak with Ken – he’s a man who’s done the work!

CLICK HERE or on the IDYR logo to the left to listen in on my interview with Ken Solin.

If you can’t get it on your iphone, search iTunes > podcasts > Daring Dreamers.

And you can get Act Like A Man at his site: KenSolin.com

For Energy, Health & Biz Coaches: How to Set Your Packages & Fees so You Don’t Flub Your Client Discovery Sessions

Angela Treat Lyon, Founder, Host and Producer of the Daring Dreamers Showcase at IDareYouRadio.comThis is a little different this week.

Because…I hear coaches say, “I get to the end of delivering a great Discovery Session and my clients-to-be ask about working more with me … and I don’t know what to say, and they don’t sign up!”

I was asked to help with the money part of signing people up after your Discovery Sessions. This will help you.

Here’s where to learn how to do the Discovery Session correctly – I bet NO one taught you these 5 Steps the way I do! Yep, you probably already have your own style.

But if it ends up with people not signing up, I guess there’s still something to find out, isn’t there!

1. Go HERE for the unusual Discovery Session training that will change everything for you. If you truly want to make more money helping people and making a difference, you need more clients! This will help you attract and sign them up.

Do you do good Discovery Sessions … but at the end you don’t know what you’re doing? And you flub the money conversation?

2. Here’s where to learn how to set up your services and your fees so your Discovery people will ask YOU about your programs and packages, and you will feel totally comfortable talking about them. What would it be like to feel really great about your fees – so great you don’t mind talking about them?!?

IDareYouRadio.comCLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in on this shorty audio (16 minutes) that already gives you several important tips.


Pamela Wilson: All About Branding, Ebooks and Websites for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Pamela WilsonPamela Wilson, today’s guest on Daring Dreamers Radio
, is an ace graphic designer and marketing expert. She helps entrepreneurs and small biz owners transform their marketing materials from blah to blast-off.

I wanted to interview her because she’s a dynamic, no-nonsense person, and because I really like it that her design ideas are so bold and so simple almost anyone can do them.

You’ve heard me talk about branding before – about how your brand is way more than just your logo. Pamela makes it easy on us – she shows how to create a brand using just a few simple ideas and steps.

I just finished going through her freebie online email course, which was really excellent, and I highly recommend her Big Brand System, Site Setup and Ebook Evolution Courses.

IDareYouRadio.comClick on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left or HERE to listen in on our interview – 30 minutes of great info you can use right off the bat for your own websites.

Here are 3 goodies you can check out for a really easy website builder program – these gals are pros – I’m very impressed with their stuff -

1. How to build a website easily

2. A FREE how-to webinar you can watch when you want (it’s terrific!) – the FREE Love Your Website Class!

4. Check out and get eBook Evolution

I just love the way Pamela’s sites and products are clean, concise, easy to follow, with exactly the right amount of info at any one time – neither too little as to be sparse nor too much or overwhelming.

Her products are solid, usable, do-it-now info that can be used right away without any ‘huh-what-do-I-do-first’ BS.

I’ve been a graphic designer since 1965, using computers since 1985 and have a pretty rich background in marketing and site presentation, so that’s not just woowoo praise.


Wiley Wallace Says….


The riches that you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude

~ Wallace D. Wattles, extraordinary entrepreneur, author, artist and scientist. Science of Getting Rich


Does YOUR Website Reflect Your Personality?

Brown-Bag-Webinars-Header-with-bag-1100x236px-NEWI’m really tired of hyped-up programs telling you how to build a website that cost you thousands. It just isn’t necessary. So I’m always on the lookout for people who do good honest work for way less than the norm.

I found Pamela Wilson a couple weeks ago, and I like her work a whole lot. She has an amazing knack for lining up very simple things to do that can revamp your website fast.

If you’ve been looking at your website and wondering how to make it pop more, I think you might like this.

The 30-Minute Website Makeover (FREE):
Four Simple Elements That Take Your Site
from Drab to Fab

You’ll see Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson take an ordinary website and give it some visual oomph with just a few simple steps. You’ll see how you can:

•  Make 2 very simple choices early on to give your site “personality” and a memorable style (this is so cool!)
•  How to use specific simple items to pull your readers’ eyes into the words on your pages
•  Do an easy copy and paste to build your email list or direct visitors to important pages on your site

CLICK HERE to get it – helps you build a site with a look that matches your personality.

No fluff, no blather, good stuff. See you there!


Try It On Everything! (Updated!)

Try It On EverythingAre you familiar with the power of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques, to transform lives?

I’ve used EFT in my own life for all challenge and when I want to achive new goals so long now that it’s just simply a part of my life like breathing and eating.

I use it in almost every single client session, teleclasses and group calls.

Here’s a Goodie we can all use – both on ourrselves, and also forhelping our un-EFT-savvy friends, family, aquaintences, clients and co-workers: the wonderful documentary film on DVD, “Try It On Everything.”

IDareYouRadio.comI invite you to listen to my interview with film-maker and EFT practitioner, Nick Ortner–just click HERE or on the logo to the left.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, you’re in for a treat. I invite you to check the movie out HERE.

Ten experimenters were filmed over a period of time at a retreat using EFT very successfully on their various ills and issues–most of them severe. The majority of the participants came out on the other end vastly improved–some with a complete remission of the pain that they had had for years. One woman, who used to have to wear a back brace, now goes completely without it. Pain-free, strong and flexible.

TIOE is an enlightening and exciting journey through

Read the rest