maria-spethMaria Speth, Intellectual Property Lawyer, is this week’s featured guest on Daring Dreamers Radio!

Because so many of you are authors and speak, and probably have unique intellectual property and materials that you should be protecting carefully, I wanted to introduce you to her.

I met Maria a couple of years ago at a top-level CEO retreat where she was teaching about copyright, etc. I was impressed with her talks there about copyrighting, etc., so when we finally were able to connect, I grilled her!

If you don’t know…

  •  The difference between copyright and trademark…
  •  The difference between Trademark and Trade Secret…
  •  What you can patent and what you cannot…and why…
  •  What every writer needs to know about copyright (whether you write a blog, book, article, etc.)…
  •  Whether what you hired out to be written or designed for you is actually YOURS…
  •  Which agency nails you $5K if you use its images without bothering with a cease-and-desist notice…
  •  What service does the copyright office offer photographers and poets, but not painters….

…it’s time for you to get your copyright knowledge up to date, whether you’re a writer, musician, coach, artist, photographer, speaker, poet!


  •  knowing what’s what can save you or your company thousands of dollars.
  •  you’ll know what to do if someone uses your materials,
  •  whether you can or cannot use someone else’s.
  •  you’ll know what to do from the start

…so you own the work that you hire out (Think logos [this was s surprise for me!], articles, ghostwriting, formulae, etc.)

I invite you to find out all of this (in 30 jam-packed minutes) in my interview with Intellectual Property Lawyer Maria Speth: CLICK HERE or on the Daring Dreamers Radio icon to the left to listen in.

Not to worry – it’s all easy and understandable – no lawyer-garble-de-gook on my shows!

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maria-bookCLICK on the following link to get Maria’s book on Amazon: Protect Your Writings: A Legal Guide for Authors

Maria Crimi Speth deals with complex intellectual property and free speech issues, copyright infringement and trade-secret theft, and way more.

Maria says: “I assist my clients in protecting their intellectual property through preventative measures to avoid disputes, and aggressive measures when disputes arise. I communicate the complex intellectual property subject matter to my clients in a way that they can understand it and apply it to protect their most valuable assets.”

“I enjoy helping businesses succeed. My clients consider me a member of their team and a resource to help take their business to the next level…I’m always learning about new businesses and strategies.”

What people say: Thanks for the post regarding Maria Speth…I checked out her website, forwarded link to a friend and occasional collaborator…she ordered Maria’s book!