Old-Masters-3-3h Sometimes I just get so tired of taking everything soooo seeeriously. Pleagh. The other night I was scrolling through a whole bunch of images I’d gotten online of old master paintings.

I refer to these images once in a while when I’m painting or starting a new work. I look for ideas about techniques, colors, composition, etc.. As I was looking through them, EFT setup statements, I-accept and I-choose phrases kept popping up in my mind as I cruised through them.

Like, I was looking at a gorgeous painting of the back view of a young woman’s torso, and I heard, “Even though I think I’m too fat and they all say I’m crazy, I accept myself, And I choose to love my body just as it is.” I kept hearing phrases like that, and they got more and more outrageous as I went through the images.

I was having so much fun I figured other people might like to, too, so I’ve plopped a bunch of them together for you in a little ebook. You can get the first one FREE right HERE. Volumes II and II will be out soon. And do feel free to pass the Old Masters around….