All-3h You and I both know that there are whole lot of practitioners who are really good at what they do, yet remain the world’s best kept secrets because they have no idea how to market their services or  get enough clients.

Some have disastrous relationships with money, so they don’t ask for enough money or know how to structure their fees–if they charge at all!.

Hello? A dead healer does no one any good–being the best practitioner on the planet but starving to death is a shocking waste.

I’ve decided to do something a little different. You may know that I have had the Insider Secrets to A Successful EFT/Energy Business package going for 357, half off its original price of 697 to a select group.

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Are you among the many practitioners who work their buns off and still bring in a pittance? Some of the secrets the Experts revealed in these audios can get you out of your dollars-for-time syndrome lickety-split–and you can do it fast, too. There’s one tactic an EFT Master uses that, once she initiated it, it increased her income 50%–without raising her rates–immediately. You should know about this!

So, because all the info in this package is what I’d have begged for if it had been around when I was first starting out, and I know its worth.

First, the price remains at 357.

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Do the math: 10 sales at 50% = 1785. Plus 357 = a possible $2142 in one month. Not bad.

And you’re getting big-time help to people who really need to know about and develop their businesses so they can do what they’re good at and help more people instead of slaving for pennies and dying on the vine.

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