sm-happy-face-yellHappy Early Thanksgiving! Since holiday season insanity is almost here, I wanted to provide you with something that would help you create and maintain a spirit-based business high throughout the season–and beyond.

For years, I've had this voice–well, Voice–that wakes me up with ideas. I call it the Voice of Dreaming, and it's given me some of the best ideas I've ever had.

So I asked it to give me an answer to holiday confusion, and I woke up on Friday morning with an idea that surprised me. It said, why not tell people that, for the next week only, when they sign up to be Little Red Tapping Books VIPs, you'll give them the EFT Business Success Package for $99.98 instead of the usual $357?

Hmmmm. OK, I liked that. That's a savings of $257.02 for over 17 hours of audio and a ton of ebooks full of the best energy business ideas and tips, tactics & strategies….!

Cool! And so (Check it out (but do not get it) HERE)…if you are an Energy Therapy, EFT/MTT or Holistic Practitioner, and you have wondered….

HOW DO I GET CLIENTS? And then more clients? How do I get them to keep coming back? What do I charge for my services? When do I raise my prices?

HOW DO I SELL WITHOUT SELLING OUT? What niche do I create and why should I? Where do I market my business and how? Where can I (easily) get free publicity?

HOW DO I TELL PEOPLE ABOUT MY WOO-WOO BUSINESS? Can I really be successful helping people raise their consciousness/? How do I market such a 'woo-woo' thing? HOW DO I CREATE AND SELL PRODUCTS? How do I start giving teleclasses? What can I do with all the audios I get from sessions and teleclasses? How do I create a revenue-attracting blog? Where do I go for the website and blog resources I need? What is the one thing I ne ed before I do anything else? … you will get your answers to the max in the EFT Business Success Package. [ Check it out (but do not get it) HERE ]

It's the very information I sure wish I'd had when I first started out, and then along the way as I grew, to keep me on track and aligned with my highest intentions, goals and ideals. I'd have paid just about anything for tips, tactics, support and strategies like these.

I'd have completely worn all the audios and ebooks to tatters from listening the fourth and fiftieth times. But when I started up my Success Coaching business, my own EFT book and a one or two by Sylvia Hartmann were the only books on the market on EFT. And there was l iterally no training at ALL in the business of having a practice.

I'd have gone about building my business in a totally different way if I had had this information, I'd have been more successful sooner, and helped more people better and faster, as well.

Now you don't have to stumble along the way I did–you get to take the stream-lined track so you can create a really successful business in a fraction of the time it took me.

No matter whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, you can use the ideas, tips, strategies, resources and tactics in each of these audios and ebooks to increase your income, substantially.

The first time I used a strategy I heard in one of the bonus audios, I made over $2400 in less than 24 hours. You can do it, too!

You'll find out why I could have cried when I realized how much income I had been leaving untapped when I heard EFT Master, Lindsay Kenny, talk about how she consistently makes thousands of dollars using just one tactic that is so simple most people never even think of it. You get that tactic and a whole lot more in this bundle.

I invite you to take the  ideas you get in these audios and ebooks and create financial freedom for yourself.

Discover how to: *  Use your intuition on a daily basis to keep your business sound and stay aligned with who you are and what you love *  Get more people in your teleclasses by using one particular service (when one of the experts started using it, she doubled her teleclass attendance AND income immediately!) *  Build a super-responsive subscriber list of people who love you and what you do, and bec ome serious passionate buyers *  Allow so much of your passion to come out in just the right way that your perfect clients know it's YOU they want *  Turn your expertise and your voice into financial freedom *  Talk about yourself and what you do so easily and so authentically that you become a client-magnet *  Avoid costly mistakes in advertising *  Keep your name in front of your clients without being a hussy or hypester *  Give your specific niche what it needs and be the expert they want to buy from *  Increase your visibility with one very simple strategy that can get you exposed to thousands of people *  Decrease your frustration fear and anxiety *  Create a brand identity with your products and services *  Get others to….

…well, you can read more HERE

When you decide to take advantage of this one-week-only offer, DO NOT get it there!

Just use the link on the download page when you've signed up to be a LRTB VIP.

There's a whole lot more to this package than I have room for here, so mozey on over  HERE and check it out.

If you are not already a Little Red Tapping Books VIP, then click on this link to go to and you'll see where you can register to be one up in the left hand corner of the site home page. Then you can get this outrageous savings.

When you sign up, you'll get the link to purchase the Program.

Stay focused and aligned al through the holidays!

Discover money-making & money saving tips, tactics & strategies!

Make money as you keep your spiritual perspective!

I know that using these audios and ebooks will help you keep yourself and your business focused on your goals and aspirations all the way through the holidays.

Especially because it is not the same-old, same-old business rhetoric. All the experts I interviewed on the panel expressed how they were deeply concerned that they stay connected to spiritual beliefs before money ever came into the picture. I love that spirit-first, business-from-that attitude, and I know you will, too.

I suggest you start out by listening to the audio with Carol Tuttle–it was awesome.

Much aloha love to you – Angela


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