JeanetteblogJeanette Maw, Law of Attraction Coach, maintains that it’s important to feel how you feel during any experience. What’s the value of that?

After a life of being afaid to rock the boat, she suddenly turned into a major wave-maker – find out why and how!

That wonderful Hawaiian music behind Kalona’s Wedding spot was from the song, Kalele, on the Magic of Steel Guitar album performed by The Master Artist, Musician, Composer, Producer, and Music Educator Henry Kaleialoha Allen. You can find more of his music at

Do you have an invisible poster in your office that says, Bang Head Here? And do you use it? Or do you do what works for you without butting your head against obstacles?

Find out if she got past her claustrophobia during one thrilling afternoon in some very narrow canyons!

If your friends said to you, “you’re crazy!” what would you do? Jeanette’s did, too….so how did she stop the Dream Stealers and revive her Essential Self?

How would YOU handle fear of failure? Why is Linda Hamilton in the Terminator one of Jeanette’s role models?

Find out, too, how the Angels cut her some slack and why she decided to ignore the Experts!

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