I ran into an old friend today at the store. He looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He told me a few things that were going on with him.

In the past, I’d have taken time to listen to his whole story, yessing and um-hmmm-ing and being ‘nice’ and making light suggestions if he wanted them.

I don’t feel ‘nice’ anymore.

My emergency surgery last month had a very deep and profound effect on me – I got to see how real it was that I could have left the planet in a wink.

And in view of that, I felt really ticked off that my friend today was being so nonchalant about  something he was doing that would have really bad consequences in the future if he didn’t shift out of it – and told him so, no bones.

I’m going to repeat it to you, because I feel so passionate about it. Here’s what I said, because I just love this guy, and I couldn’t bear to see where he was going: :

“You know, this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

This is IT. You don’t get a second chance at any of the seconds you waste. Not one. This is the best it gets, right here, right now, unless you make the next ones better.

Each minute, you get the opportunity to choose clarity or chaos. Which are you going to choose?

Because if you don’t choose, and you try to get to my age in the mess you’re in right now, you may not GET to my age.

It really doesn’t matter what your story is – if you continue to not make conscious choices and to allow your default mindset to run you, you have not one iota of justification to complain or blame anyone but yourself.

What are you committed to? What do you want to be remembered for? What makes you feel good? What makes your heart race? What makes you feel expanded and on fire? What makes you feel clean and connected inside?

If you’re not making the choices to create those feelings and live them, then you’re actively choosing the life of a robot. Is that what you want?”

To say that he was stunned would be a bit of an understatement. But he got it, and appreciated it. I could see that he was making new choices right then and there. His body even looked lighter.

In the past I’d never have been so outspoken.

I’d have been afraid he’d take offense, or that I’d feel stupid. But I have to tell you that my commitment to the truth of my Being has gotten so much bigger.

It’s the Mindset

You know as well as I do that if the mindset isn’t there, there’s only floundering, freaking out and failure. It’s like thinking you’re going to rocket to the moon when all you have is a rubber ducky.

It’s beyond turning fear around – fear is only a small part of that whole creation.

It’s really being able to take any situation and glean the best from it and make it into something you’re excited and delighted about forever, aligned choices that all fit together into the beautiful whole of your life.

People talk about mindset, they show other peoples’ mindset examples, but where do you find out exactly how to create your mindset in a way that works for you?

Believe me, it isn’t about affirmations, afformations, goals, maps, plans, or anything material. It’s way deeper than that, and yet so simple. It’s a daily path, a vigil, a challenge, an artistic creation. Are you up to it?

In our day and age when so much is not only possible but plausible, when we are being asked by the universe to stand forth and be true to our dreams and passions, it’s just a darn crime to sink back into “I can’t.” I won’t allow it in my life, and I’m praying you don’t, either.

Are YOU ready to be Real?

Are you ready to acknowledge what’s going on with you, feel it, and be willing to construct something a whole lot better?

Then take those fear feelings and limitations and remove the dirty charge from them and clean them up. Then you can expand the energy and use it in the light and love and creativity you deserve and that is your right in this life.

I’m tired of ‘nice.’

Nice doesn’t get the results I want. I’m not talking about not being kind, I’m talking about saying what is real so you can move on to the next step.

How real can you get?

How much energy are you throwing away being ‘nice,’ but not real?

How much do you want to continue pseudo-dreaming, someday-gonna-do this or that?

Man, aren’t you just sick of that? Step on out!

I invite you to pull out the stops so you can accelerate the progress YOU want to make – no matter at what pace – in no uncertain terms. I want you to have the feeling that no matter what happens in your life, you’ll have what it takes to deal with it and bend it to your dreams.

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