jobie-summerMy guest this week on the Daring Dreamers Showcase is Financial Advisor, Jobie Summer. Jobie specializes in advising other financial advisors, particularly in the area of Sociall Responsible Investing.

When we first met, I didn’t realize how relevant the information she shares is for those of us who are not financial advisors. But when it became clear to me that her knowledge and her products would be as interesting and helpful to others, too, I asked her to be my guest so she could talk about what you need to know as an investor or future investor.

You’ll hear:
•  how Jobie helps other advisors market their practices
•  how she helps create change in our economy
•  why Socially Responsible Investing is so importnat
•  what to do to get your financial advisor up to date
•  what you can do to make a huge difference in the economy and environment as a shareholder

Jobie Summer is the founder of Resources for Advisors. She has been a leading financial advisor for nearly 15 years. She has been recognized with many National awards as well as having many designations: she is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Estate Planner and Certified Fund Specialist.

What is unique about Jobie is that she has combined her extensive knowledge and experience as a financial advisor with her background as an educator to teach financial advisors how to integrate Socially Responsible Investing (known in the industry as SRI) into their practice. She also delights in helping financial advisors  have success in the marketplace.

She does this through private coaching, educational seminars and her proprietary system called the SRI Marketing Kit.  Jobie has created tools to help financial advisors build their SRI practice faster, smarter and with the least amount of effort so their clients can make a bigger difference in the world with their resources.

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