The Daring Dreamers Showcase

Ric Hall and Ron Schmitt are a couple of guys living in the Pacific Northwest who produce the most unusual pastels and paintings I’ve seen in a long time. As soon as I saw their work I knew I had to interview them!

I invite you to click on the IDareYouRadio logo above to listen in as I interview them. They work on the same pieces at the same time, side-by-side, totally defying the myth of the Artist Ego!

Ironing Out A Relationship

One is a veteran world-traveller, one is a love-to-stay-at-home guy, happy to never leave his backyard.

One is a let’s-just-do-art and nevermind the galleries guy, the other markets.

As they leave their egos behind, they create these marvelous, compelling images. The ones you see here are only a few of their huge collection. Click here for their site: Run your mouse over each image for its title, and click on any one of them to go to the interview.

I think their work is amazing, mysterious, and really powerful. I really love the color, the emotion and the sheer mystery in each piece which allows the viewer to make up his own story about what’s going on.

Shadow Interruptus
Striving for Judicial Heights