I remember when my little brother was very little, he was a merry little guy, and he used to go out into the day with a song on his lips.

He was always humming or singing, and later on, playing his guitar. Now as an adult, he has his own band. It was so great growing up next to such a vibrant, happy individual.

It was like that for expert Voice Trainer Dianne Legro, too – always singing, humming, listening to nature, bringing her songs with herself wherever she went as a child. She sang so much that she ended up singing (with her “large voice”) at her church at age 6, and was a full-on member of the acting community at the tender age of 12.

I invite you to listen in as Dianne and I talk about all the inspiring, daring things she has done, what that took for her, and the amazing support she got (like, from noen other than Mary Rockefeller!), and how she fell naturally right into coaching people for becoming great speakers with sensational careers.

She doesn’t do just voice training–not this gal! She includes body, content, booking *and* marketing training–the whole package, so you can be a great speaker and be booked everywhere.

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