jerry-gilliesOne of the foremost authors and speakers on how to build wealth and prosperity reveals how he was an achingly shy kid who, at 19,  decided to change his life and go on the radio.

You’ll hear how he did that, how he wrote two popular books after quitting that job, moving to anotherstate on a whim and a prayer.

When a book he was asked to write was nixed by his publisher, he then wrote Money Love in two weeks. Find out why it was rejected and then published almost immediately…

And how Jeerry, after a surprisingly uncharacteristic mistake, went to jail for 12 years!

IDYR-logo-1009-94sq-siteNow he’s back, passionate about helping people becomeing wealthy – from the inside out.

Here’s where to go to listen in on this fascinating story: click HERE or on the I Dare You Radio Logo to the left.

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