Dr. Joe Rubino Self Esteem SystemWhy do I call Dr. Joe the Extreme Self-Esteem Expert?

Because he’s committed to helping 20 million people get back their self-esteem, confidence and self-empowerment. That’s extreme. And he’s doing it!

What would you do if someone told you that you need to give up the ‘right to invalidate’ yourself? That’s what Dr. Joe is all about – real, concrete, powerful self-assurnce.

Check out Dr. Joe’s Self Esteem System – it’s incredible. It helps you release your invalidating doubts, fears and insecurities. If you know of anyone who could use it, it would be great to turn them on to this interview. Check it out the System right HERE.

OInterview with Dr. Joe Rubinone question he asked practically knocked me off my chair: “What are you so passionate about that you would do it another 200 years?” Whew! Imagine having that kind of passion that it would fuel you for that long – I love it.

Dr. Joe is one of my favorite people on the planet – I know you’ll love hearing what he says. There’s enough Good Stuff in this one interview to fill two great teleclasses!

Click on the I Dare You Radio logo above to go to the interview (in 2 parts), or on this link HERE. Enjoy!

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