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Dr. Joe Rubino: Proven Systems for Self Esteem for 20 Million People

Dr. Joe Rubino, Self-Esteem ExpertBoy do I have a wonderful resource for you! I’ve been in touch with someone who, as he says, “used to be resigned to the fact that ‘a dentist’ was all he was going to be.”

He finally developed the courage to give that viewpoint up and barged forward to overcome his shyness and inability to “be out there.”

Dr. Joe Rubino is not just knowledgeable, not just wise, not just kind and compassionate – he’s a guy who’s actually Done the Work. While at the same time you can tell he is passionate about what he does, he doesn’t interrupt or run all over you when you speak with him. He actually *listens*! Woohoo!

One of the things we gals experience when we are interrupted or told what we ought to do or when a guy tries to “fix” us is that we feel disempowered and small.

You know what that feels like – and we gals can do the same to you guys, right? It feels awful.

Joe is a real example of what we all like in having a conversation with someone who pays attention and responds accordingly. What a breath of fresh air!

20 Million People?

Joe is passionate about his work helping people develop self-esteem – to the point that he has started the ball rolling on a project with an intention to help 20 million people – that’s right, 20, not 2 – to feel better and increase their self-esteem in the next couple years.

Why? Because he wants to help enough people – both through his own work and with those who join in – so we can create critical mass, our total consciousness reaching and going over the tipping point for a better world with less strife and more joy and peace.

Joe has developed amazing systems through which he guides you to more courage, more calm, more solid sense of who we are and our place in the world.

You can find out about his books and programs to help you raise your self-esteem HERE.

And just know that when you get it, I and others in the EFT and self-development crowd that you know all have wonderful bonuses for you, as well.

And, for a freebie taste, HERE‘s a really wonderful video of Joe being interviewed by Ridgely Goldsborough in his Modest to Millions Show in a big old mansion, talking about how people create wealth and stay wealthy through developing stronger self-esteem. I’ve watched it three times now because it’s so inspiring to me and has such good ideas.

I know you’ll want to see it, too. Bookmark it so you can go back to it, OK?

IDareYouRadio.comIt was really fun to interview Dr. Joe, and I loved it that he gives away a lot of information during his talk, as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! You’ll find it by clicking on the logo to the left, or right HERE.


Dr. Joe Rubino: Extreme Self-Esteem Expert

Dr. Joe Rubino Self Esteem SystemWhy do I call Dr. Joe the Extreme Self-Esteem Expert?

Because he’s committed to helping 20 million people get back their self-esteem, confidence and self-empowerment. That’s extreme. And he’s doing it!

What would you do if someone told you that you need to give up the ‘right to invalidate’ yourself? That’s what Dr. Joe is all about – real, concrete, powerful self-assurnce.

Check out Dr. Joe’s Self Esteem System – it’s incredible. It helps you release your invalidating doubts, fears and insecurities. If you know of anyone who could use it, it would be great to turn them on to this interview. Check it out the System right HERE.

OInterview with Dr. Joe Rubinone question he asked practically knocked me off my chair: “What are you so passionate about that you would do it another 200 years?” Whew! Imagine having that kind of passion that it would fuel you for that long – I love it.

Dr. Joe is one of my favorite people on the planet – I know you’ll love hearing what he says. There’s enough Good Stuff in this one interview to fill two great teleclasses!

Click on the I Dare You Radio logo above to go to the interview (in 2 parts), or on this link HERE. Enjoy!

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