LARSONHave you wanted to understand more about quantum physics and its effects on the world, but feel like it seems so mysterious?

You’ll love how Cynthia Sue Larson makes the whole idea of Quantum physics easy to comprehend and use on a practical, every day level in your own life.

Today, we’re going over how to change your life the way you want it to be, why placebos work, and how you can use her ideas to make your life – and the contents of your wallet – be the way you’ve always dreamt.

We had so much fun you’d never know she was talking about one of the most world-changing ideas in this century!

IDareYouRadio.comSEGMENT 1: Cynthia explains what “quantum” shifts really are (are they large or small?); how to make a jump, and why Max Planck’s concepts are key in shifting from Old Paradigm Thinking to New Paradigm Reality Creation.
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IDareYouRadio.comSEGMENT 2: Cynthia shows us what placebos really are, why they are so important (it’s such a surprise!) and what they do for us; and how “entanglement” is the basis of our lives.
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IDareYouRadio.comSEGMENT 3: Cynthia helps us understand Quantum Jumping on a practical level, taking us through an exercise called “How to remember how you got rich!”
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Cynthia Sue Larson, is a best-selling author of Quantum Jumps and High Energy Money. She is also a life coach with a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley. She has been interviewed on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and BBC for her ideas about physics and Quantum Jumping.

Her idea of fun is conversing with physicists and cognitive scientists in search of the quantum paradigm, meditating, or practicing martial arts.