I just had a powerful talk with a hot brain scientist: brain expert Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler of http://HotBrainz.com, who has created practical ways to amp up your brain power.

She and her discoveries about the brain are underline-ably awesome.

If you want to know how to reach higher states of consciousness ON PURPOSE, you’ll want to listen in to my interview with her.

She explains the important brain wave states, and why, if you cannot get through what she calls the Schumann Resonance, your brain remains ordinary and dreamless (ew!); and how, if you can get through that gateway, you can develop deliberate higher states of consciousness, and even an enlightened mind (yay!)

Know what else? That same Schumann Resonance is the same frequency as…get this…the earth’s! Don’t think we’re connected? Wrong! (CLICK HERE to listen to this powerful show now!)


Dr. Jill showed how the brain is connected to every single cell in the body, and what the real, every day implications of that is – pretty powerful, as it turns out – you really do create your reality!

Here’s what she says: Each and every thought or memory you have has a corresponding brainwave – an electrical signal that passes through your brain and triggers an appropriate memory, thought, response or action.

Every time you focus and stretch your mind…your brain creates entirely new connections. Literally the more you use your brain (in certain ways)…the smarter you get! This is true no matter what your age!

You tappers out there can totally relate to that – what would happen if your brain, trained into higher states of vibratory consciousness, could now resonate with creativity instead of pain and loss? What if it could help you be do and have your dreams? Yeowee!

Dr. Jill takes brain wave science and shows you how to use her practical every day applications to train your brain – just like any other muscle – so you can relieve stress and create calm, peace, inspiration and creativity beyond what you even dream about – I’m all over it!

So I wanted to tell you about her course, because it’s starting in just a bit more than a week – I just found out about it, and thought you’d want to know, too:

Dr. Jill’s course in training your brain starts in the first week of January – I signed up for it, because I want to see if I can change my weight and my business success by filling in the gaps in my brain vibrations (you’ll see what I’m talking about when you listen to my interview with her) – without extra dieting or business success efforts.

Want to see what you can do with your brain? Here’s her program: http://HotBrainz.com (Not an affiliate link)

She says: “The goal of the QUANTUM MIND® training program is to support you in learning to … develop the ability to create any combination of brainwaves at will — including higher states of consciousness, and any combination appropriate for your current goal….”

Go for it – I’ll be there, too! I can’t wait!

Here’s the interview: (CLICK HERE to listen to this powerful show now!)