I told you I’d share with you the electrical tapping that helped me start me feeling like I was getting somewhere on the road to recovery from the time I became so ill after breathing paint fumes. (Oh, by the way, the gold paint pen I was using is by KRYLON. Avoid it like crazy, and especially keep it away from your kids!)

I was lying in bed, drifting in and out, feeling like a puzzle someone had thrown on the floor in little pieces. I felt as if I had no internal structure–my bones felt shattered, and the cohesiveness of the connective unions of brain synapses, muscles, tendons and everything felt broken. It was truly weird–like I was a toy about to be put together.

So I just laid there and visualized a kind of map, like my body’s original blueprint. You know those books you see overlays of transparent pages with muscle, fascia and bone and organs? It was like that. And I imagined that there were little energy threads connecting everything. Read more to find out what I said as I tapped, and to see a tapping chart.

When I saw those threads, I just knew they were the acupuncture meridians. I wanted to feel one, so I did a zoom-in, and it was like sitting in a TV between channels–I was right inside all that fuzz buzzing around. Felt as if I had plugged my fingers in a wall-socket. Then I saw the connective points all through my system that were broken down or failing.
So here’s what I tapped on:

Even though:
• I feel shattered
• I feel scared
• I don’t like how this feels
• my electrical system is broken
• my electrical system is completely off balance
• I don’t know how to fix it
• that’s OK, something bigger than me knows how
• I’m choosing to start shifting it now
Because I like me and want to live, dammit!

See how I start out exactly how I’m feeling? People ask me where to start–look to your body: find a pain or unusual or uncomfortable sensation, see how you feel, and how you feel *about* the pain (angry, sad, etc.) and start there.

I continued like this:
• I feel like an insignificant, broken toy
• like a messed up puzzle
• I’m mad
• I don’t want to feel like this
• I’m so weak
• I hate this
• I feel brainless
• I can’t string 2 words together right
• I’m choosing to shift this
• I’m choosing to have a perfectly healthy electrical system
• I’m choosing to recreate my body now
• If it’s true that I really can create my own reality, then I’m choosing to re-enliven and activate my electrical system now
Because I love and approve of myself

When I said approve, I started weeping. I had flashes of my mother and father towering over me as a little kid, reprimanding me. I could hear their voices saying, “who do you think you are?”

Well, as little kids, we are the center of our own universes. It’s meant to be that way so we can individuate from our parents!

So I tapped on:
• I think I’m me, and it’s OK!
• Who do you want me to be, you?
• I don’t want to be you
• I just want your mature guidance
• and be loved for who I am
• and I’m choosing to have my body revert to its original, perfect-for-me, healthy electrical blueprint.
• and I’m choosing to have my puzzle put back together!
Because I love myself just as I am right here, right now.

The second I said that part, another shiver went through me and I could feel clarity start to come back. The occasional dizziness left, I could feel strength come back into my muscles, and the shattered-bone feeling went away.

It’s taken more tapping to get where I can write fluidly again without stopping and starting and having to take long moments to find words and the ends of thoughts, but that’s OK, I’m alive, and functioning. Could be a lot worse!

One of the nice things has been that I don’t have a million thoughts crowding my mind anymore. It’s very quiet in here. I’m used to having tons of creative ideas and projects–but now they’re all stashed in mental file cabinets where I can access them if I want, rather than being stacked up behind my eyes in a flurry.

I did one more part that has also made a huge difference for me. We also have an electro-magnetic system.

It’s the part, as I saw it, that vibrates our energy in interaction with the universe around us. It’s the part that makes what people call the law of attraction happen. I tapped like this:

Even though:
• I’ve been feeling broken, tired and weak
• I don’t feel at all attractive right now
• I’ve been a broken lump
• I can feel energy start to run through my body

I stopped here and tapped until I could actually feel energy rushing through my body like waves. Felt awesome.

I continued with:
• I’m choosing to be healthy and strong
• I’m choosing to feel great
• I’m asking and allowing my body to repair my electro-magnetic system
• I’m asking it to be guided by my own body’s original perfect blueprint
• and retain any beneficial modifications I’ve made
• I’m choosing to feel and be attractive to my highest good, prosperity, generosity, health and wealth
• I love my electro-magnetic system!
• I’m choosing LIFE!
Because I love myself and feeling alive!

Try tapping along with these phrases and borrow the benefits. You may not be ill, have paint poisoning or even feel off, but you’ll still get the energy right where you, personally, need it.

aloha –
Angela Treat Lyon

Basic EFT Tapping Points


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