Colleen Flanagan, also known as the Emotions Whisperer, joins me today in sharing with us how she lost a whole bunch of weight easily, effortlessly, and without ‘going on’ a diet.

Are you familiar with the disrupting emotions that sabotage your weight loss journey?

Like, sometimes how you just can’t help giving in to the craving? Or sometimes you just want that comfort food and screw the weight loss! Or maybe underneath it all, you have a fear that if you lose enough weight to finally feel attractive again, you’ll get more attention from the opposite sex than you really want. The list goes on. So we describe why it is imperative to clear them from your mind.

I asked Colleen what the most daring thing she’s ever done that was pivotal in getting her to where she is today. Listen in – you’ll be fascinated to hear how one doctor gave her instructions that turned her life completely around – once she decided to follow them.

Colleen (with whom I present emotional clearing workshops) and I are both using that information her doctor gave her to re-create our own bodies and regain our health, as we use our dowsing, tapping, and other processes to eliminate emotional blocks and entanglements that sabotage weight loss. You will hear about several resources at the end of the show that you can use for your own research.

You’ll enjoy reading a book called Delay, Don’t Deny by Dr. Gin Stephens.

She described her own up and down and up and down weight journey, and how using intermittent fasting (also called IF) made such a huge difference in her life. She went from over 200 to 130 pounds. So now she shares her journey and teaches people about Intermittent Fasting.


Here’s where you can get the book. Just click on the image of the book cover.

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