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Zoe Walton: “False Emotions” and Neurotransmitters, and How Knowing About Them Helps You Relieve Depression »

I read this newsletter by a friend, Zoe Walton, who helps her clients with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, and thought you’d appreciate it. So I’m reproducing it here for you. Pretty important stuff. From this point on, it’s Zoe talking: This is about “False negative emotions” and neurotransmitters. True negative emotions are genuine responses to […]

Dr. Mark Starr: Conquer Hypothyroidism »

“I never imagined I would become the modern-day expert on thyroid and its impact on chronic illness. When I researched mitochondrial disorders and thyroid, I realized they were one in the same. “The last landmark book written about hypothyroidism was by Dr. Broda Barnes in 1976. I hope my book will allow me to help […]

Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon »

Did you know that: * That patients with severe burns are often force-fed huge quantities of eggs as a source of protein to rebuild loss of skin? * That a study done with over 800,000 people by the American Cancer Society revealed that “non-egg users had a higher death rate from heart attacks and strokes […]

Does Stacey Do 'Regular' EFT? NO! »

Thanks for sending your questions about Stacey Vornbrock’s ebooks! The most prevalent one I got was, “does she do EFT and is it different from ‘regular’ EFT?” In my experience, everyone does EFT differently. Period. But that isn’t even the point! I only mentioned that she uses EFT since it’s something you probably know about […]

Stacey Vornbrock, Sports Performance Expert »

Last week I told you I was going to introduce my Mystery Person to you. She helped me heal so much faster last month that my doc told me I was 2 whole weeks ahead of where ‘normal’ people would ordinarily be after the type of surgery I’d had. He shook his head and told […]

Painless Laser Dental Surgery »

Two days ago I had a grand opportunity to put EFT to the test. I was going to have full-mouth laser surgery on Wednesday morning. To describe it quickly: they burn a laser light between your teeth and your gums to burn out old tartar and bacteria. Amazingly enough, it’s purportedly great for regenerating bone […]

Hot Potatoes! »

Here’s a free recipe booklet with my exclusive recipe for South-West style New Mexican Hot Potatoes! Love and Happy Thanksgiving to you US folks, and Happy Gratitude Day to the rest of the world! This makes a great pot-luck dish! Get it by clicking right HERE. Then just follow the directions for downloading the printable […]

Sure-Fire Weight-Loss Bogus? »

I had to laugh when got a note today from someone who said something like, “Why don’t you show the face on your before and after pictures–they just don’t match up.” Well, I have to hold my camera in front of my face to take a shot, so its a little hard to include my […]

Before and After of A 20-Pound Weight Loss! »

If you have not seen the before and after shots of what 20 pounds ago looks like, go HERE, and scroll to the bottom. I’m still amazed as the blobness keeps rolling off my body in places it has stubbornly refused to budge from for over 30 years. Astounded would really be the word. If […]

Sure-Fire Weight Loss »

Early this year, I weighed in at a hefty 187 pounds (that’s 13.3 stone for you Brits). I’m 5’6″, if that tells you anything–my ideal would be 135. I look at my fattie pix (see here) and shudder. I kept on tapping and preparing myself for my new, desired reality where I weighed less, felt […]

How to Eliminate Your Gall Bladder Pain »

I haven’t told you about a recent tangle with some of the most incredibly excruciating pain I’ve ever had because I didn’t think anyone would want to hear about it. But after speaking with someone last week about it when it came up spontaneously, I realized I could provide some information you might be looking […]

Home-made Hydration: Sugar-free Electrolytes »

There is something really important I found out about after I was well again from the gall bladder debacle. I was feeling dehydrated. I knew I needed minerals and electrolytes, but I didn’t want to get a commercial sugar-laced drink. I didn’t know what to do. So I googled ‘how to make electrolytes, and found […]

Get Your Brain and Body Back! »

This has been one of the most amazing years of my life. I’m really seeing how fast things come about when intention and action are aligned and clear. I learned so much from my bout with paint-solvent poisoning last month! I had to devise on-the-spot self-help in order to get my brain functioning again, and […]

MSG: Neurotoxin or Harmless? »

Here’s an article I thought you’d appreciate in your quest for better health. I got it from and it’s by: Brenda Skidmore. And at the bottom of the article I have a couple of free downloadable goodies for you. MSG’s safety for human consumption has been widely debated for well over 50 years. Some […]

Oil Pulling? »

I heard about the darnedest thing about a month ago, and wanted to try it before I told you about it. Have you ever heard of something called Oil Pulling? Each morning, on an empty stomach, you gently swish oil around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes. Ew! Or that’s what I thought, […]

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    What People Say

    Angela...Beautiful job! I can not thank you enough for "getting it" so elegantly and crystalizing the essence of our interview. Wishing you amazing new adventures in the Quantum Field.

    Dr. Elliott Maynard


    Good morning from Florida :) Just thought I would side-bar here and tell you how appreciative I am of your input.

    I read your posts (religiously) knowing that whatever you are commenting on is an opportunity for me to learn. Bless you for being on this little planet the same time as me! Love and hugs,

    Cynthia Segal


    Hi Angela,

    I just listened to the interview you did with me, and it sounds AWESOME! You did a FABULOUS job! I really appreciate your help and encouragement, and for asking me to do the interview.

    Thanks again for the interview. It's great!!!

    Elaine Nitz
    The Limitless Self Expert
    Tap Into Your Dreams


    Angela -

    Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us.

    I enjoyed the No More Calling Fears teleconference (at It was easy to follow and I like the Curiosity calling technique.

    Despite several major life changes I am trying to get back on track - am taking baby steps and this teleconference was one step in the right direction.

    Regards, Sheryl


    Layne and I had SO much fun with you on our call Thursday! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend in beautiful Kailua!

    Aloha nui loa,

    Paul and Layne Cutright


    Thank you Angela. It was my pleasure to be your radio show guest - you make it so easy.

    I was very comfortable and it was just like we were having a nice casual conversation. Thank you for what you do.

    Dr. Tom Ventullo


    I love getting your newsletters. There is a warm bright clarity that is flowing from them. Your presence feels good. You are daring good work in the world!

    Love to you - Rue Hass


    What a great newsletter all the way around. Wow.

    Love, Linda


    I always read your e-mail; never missed.



    I've listened to so many of your interviews and have benefitted from them. I put them on my mp3 and listen to them at every opportunity, including my vehicle when I travel. Thank you for what you do....

    Michele Rogers


    I want to let you know that I appreciate everything that you do and what I have purchased from you before.

    I remember I had a problem when you were running that Grab Bag Special - one of the products didn't download for me for some reason - I sent you an email and you were great about getting back to me right away with the fix.

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know how much you are appreciated and trusted by people on your list!

    Best regards, Laura Whitelaw


    I listened in to you tonight instead of Debbie Ford, tonight's (Shared Vision) opening act...I really appreciated your talk.

    The tapping exercise was excellent. And I loved the points you used.... Your method really hit home.

    Yes, I like being on all these calls and hearing the great ideas and shifts that people are experiencing. I also like hearing others I know from the calls check in ... oh, somebody I know....!

    Peace, Jay Dorman


    Please continue to be an example. It's a good one.



    I always love your honesty, your courage, and your insights.

    Hugs, Marianna Michels Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Specialist


    Your Fear of Public Speaking session is awesome.



    Wow, Angela...I am so grateful that I decided to buy this Wealth Maverick Audios Special offer....

    I would have to make up some sort of superlative adjective to describe the incredibleness (is that even a word?) of these 2 audios (how's fantabulistic for starters?)....

    ...and moreover of this simply ingenious process of name-ing..rename-ing...and retrieving this precious energy potential instead of just dissolving it and being glad that it has been released (to God only knows where!)...

    ...this is the ultimate process of recycling Energy and welcoming it back with open arms...a POWER-FULL process indeed.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!! Blessings... Sallie


    By the way, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your latest ezine - the units of appreciation is such a fabulous way of thinking/feeling about the payment. Thank you for sharing and illuminating that for me. I could totally related to what you are talking about. You are so right on.

    Blessings, Tami


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